Product Showcase: 230pcs Cotter Pin Assortment Kit

Product Showcase : 230pcs Cotter Pin Assortment Kit

Today, on our weekly Product Showcase, we'll be looking at one of our best sellers. The 230pcs Cotter Pin Heavy Gauge Assortment Kit, now isn't that a mouthful of a name.

So what exactly is a Cotter Pin?

In simple terms, it's a fastener that is used to secure bolts in place. It consists of a narrow piece of metal with a circular top. Once inserted into a bolt, the ends can be bent outwards to prevent the bolt from coming out of place.

Also known as Split Pins, you can find these cheap, locking fasteners on many parts including brake discs in heavy vehicles, to even small toys.

In this particular kit, we have 6 sizes as indicated in the table below.


  • 230 Piece grab pack.
  • 6 types of washer assortments.
  • Sizes: 1x16, 2x20, 4x35, 3x30, 2.5x25 & 5x50
  • Heavy gauge assortment


As the Cotter Pins work by bending the metal to lock in place a bolt, they can be easily reused by removing the bolt and bending the metal back into place. 

They are quite simple products but they are extremely handy in many projects which is why they are one of our best sellers.

You can find our assortment kit here.