Product Showcase: Bore Gauge 50-160mm

Product Showcase: Bore Gauge 50-160mm

On this weeks Product Showcase, we've got the opportunity to look at INSIZE's 50-160mm Bore Gauge (product code 2322-160A), which is one of their more popular Dial Indicator gauges. If you are in the need of some fast, easy measurements of holes for your vehicle or next project, then this Bore Gauge will work wonders.

For the uninitiated (Yes, I understand there aren't many of you), Bore Gauges are used for measuring the inside of a bore or hole. With the bore gauge inserted into a hole that requires measuring, small anvils expand outward from the base of the gauge and determine the diameter of the hole allowing for easy and accurate measurements. 

 1108-150 Features:
  • Dial Indicator Range 10mm
  • Graduation 0.01mm
  • Optional long handle (code 7351)
  • Optional accessory: setting ring (code 6312),


Storage case with manufacturers certificate

With a moderate price, this bore gauge allows the user to make extremely accurate measurements, down to one hundredth of a millimetre or 0.01mm, with very little skill to use. Not only that, as with all INSIZE products, this Bore Gauge boasts high durability and user-friendliness as each part can be interchanged easily, with 11 anvil sizes.

Obviously, the INSIZE 2322-160A lacks the Digital Indicator that some more advanced models have, however, INSIZE has done a superb job of ensuring that all of their Dial Indicators are easy to read, with markings that do not blur or scuff easy. This particular dial face uses graduations of 0.01mm, meaning you'll be in safe hands for precision measurements. 

Setting the Bore Gauge properly is also an important part of using the tool and can often require the use of additional tools. It is best to use a Micrometer alongside the Bore Gauge and we have multiple options on our website. 


You can find the INSIZE 50-160mm Bore Gauge here.