Product Showcase: 13 Piece Measuring Tool Set

Product Showcase : 13 Piece Measuring Tool Set

Whether you are just starting out a tooling business or working on your next project, it helps to have the right tools readily at hand. Skip all the nonsense of searching for individual products online or in stores. Forget googling tooling cases that allow you to carry every shape of product from the various brands you own. Go straight for a measuring tool set and save yourself some trouble.

Today on our product showcase, we will be looking at the 13 Piece Measuring Tool Set from INSIZE.

INSIZE has a great range of products and the measuring tool sets they have created does a perfect job of bringing together some of their most popular products into a simple all-in-one purchase, at a great price. This tool set in particular, allows for accurate measurements of outside diameters, angles, straight lines and the pitch of screw threads.

Tools Included:

  • Digital caliper, range 0-150mm/0-6", resolution 0.01mm/0.0005", (code 1108-150).
  • Outside micrometer, range 0-25mm, graduation 0.01mm (code 3202-25A).
  • Dial indicator, range 10mm, graduation 0.01mm (code 2308-10A).
  • Magnetic stand (code 6201-60).
  • Protractor, range 0-180°, graduation 1° (code 4799-180).
  • Pitch gauge, range 0.25-7mm, 24pcs, metric 60° thread (code 4820-124).
  • Radius gauge, range 1-7mm (code 4801-17).
  • Feeler gauge, range 0.05-1.00mm, 20pcs (code 4602-20).
  • 90° beveled edge square, 100x70mm, grade 0 (code 4790-1000).
  • Scriber (code 7230).
  • Steel rule, 150mm/6" (code 7110-150).
  • Depth base attachment (code 6140).
  • Zero setting bar.

    Like most INSIZE products, there is an emphasis on quality and this tool set is no different. Each product is carefully manufactured to ensure it meets the strict standards imposed by INSIZE.

    You can find the set here at:

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