With more than 30 years experience servicing mining, machining and manufacturing industries you can count on Wallers for expert advice and all your measuring, milling, drilling and cutting tool needs.


Our Invictus Excel machinery is manufactured in China to our strict standards. We specify CE compliance and Siemens and Schnieder electrics (depending on the machine) on all of our machinery to ensure a higher quality product compared to other similar brands. Our range includes lathes, mill-drills, milling machines, lathe-mill combo machines, pedestal drills, cold saws, linishers and bandsaws.


Wallers carry a large range of machine accessories from Invictus Excel, Acrow and Precise to accompany your machinery including machine vices, drill press vices, rotary tables, indexing spacers, dividing heads, drill chucks and arbors, clamp kits, angle plates, live centres, dead centres, pipe centres, lights, boring heads, collets and sets, milling arbors, and much more.


Wallers proudly stock Somta high speed tools, including drill bits, taps and dies, milling cutters, reamers, countersinks and HSS toolbits. As well as our standard range of high speed tools, we also offer a large range of difficult to source items like high performance machine taps, left hand taps, extra long drill bits in straight shank and Morse taper, woodruff cutters and Morse taper socket reamers, just to name a few.

We also carry a full range of annular cutters from 12mm diameter to 60mm diameter in both 25mm and 50mm depth of cut to suit most magnetic base drills. These are available in high performance HSS or carbide tipped. Our range also extends to carbide tipped holesaws, HSS mini cutters from 12mm to 25mm diameter and step drills.


Wallers are proud distributors of lathe and milling tools from Kyocera Ceratip Tooling, Lamina Carbide, Carmex Precision Tools and Alberg Tools. This includes an extensive range of tool holders, boring bars, milling cutters, and inserts to suit a wide range of applications. We also stock a large range of thread mill tooling in solid carbide as well as indexable carbide. Our wide range of tooling allows us to tailor a machining solution to suit your specific needs.

In conjunction with our high speed tooling, Wallers also stock a variety of solid carbide drill bits, carbide burs and solid carbide milling cutters from Best Carbide and Somta.


Although thread repair is not considered to be an important part of engineering, unfortunately, it is a necessity. Luckily E-Z Lok have a range of thread repair systems that can get you out of trouble quickly and inexpensively. Their standard coil insert range covers most threads up to 1” and 24mm, while their solid inserts are what sets them apart from the rest of the field. Incorporation a Loctite ™ thread retaining compound, and a standard thread on the outside, there is no need to buy expensive tooling or specialised taps


Hassay Savage is a name synonymous with keyway and CNC broaching throughout the world. With the highest standards in manufacturing in the industry, you can be assured of long tool life and accuracy for your keyway broaching applications. Wallers stock a large range of individual keyway broaches, guides and square broaches, as well as boxed sets.


We understand that measuring equipment is fundamental to machining. As the Australian distributor for INSIZE measuring Instruments, we have in stock one of the most extensive ranges of measuring equipment in Australia to ensure that your job is finished accurately. The standard INSIZE range is manufactured in Asia to strict quality control standards, while the high accuracy INSIZE Plus range is manufactured mainly in Germany, Italy and the UK. This ensures a wide range of measuring equipment to suit most applications and budgets. Our measuring equipment range covers both common and specialist equipment in metric or imperial variants. Vernier calipers, dial calipers, digital calipers, dial gauges, test indicators, magnetic base stands, inside micrometers, outside micrometers, depth micrometers, bore gauges, pitch gauges, squares, gauge blocks, go and nogo thread gauges, thread pitch gauges, feeler gauges and stock, plus much much more. All INSIZE measuring equipment comes with a full 12 month warranty and most items come with a manufacturer’s inspection certificate.