1.10mm HSS | Jobber Drill | HEPYC

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Wallers Industrial Hardware is your local authorised distributor for the complete range of HEPYC Cutting Tools. HEPYC specialises in the manufacturing of Taps, Dies, Drills, End Mills, Reamers, Countersinks and Custom Tools. HEPYC offers a comprehensive range of industrial hardware, perfect for all your drilling, milling, and threading needs.

Specifications :

  • 1.1mm
  • 5xD
  • DIN 338
  • Standard Point
  • Type N
  • HSS
  • Blue Finish
  • 118° Drill Point Angle
  • H8 Tolerance on cutting diameter
  • 30° Right Hand helix
  • Ref. 11010000110

HEPYC Jobber Drills are ideal for precision drilling. The Blue Finish helps to keep lubricant on the tool, which is particularly important for the cutting edges, reducing friction which results in longer tool lifespan. Here at Wallers Industrial Hardware we provide a great range of Jobber Drill bits to suit all your needs.

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