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Insize Measuring Tool Set

Wallers Industrial Hardware is your local authorised distributor for the complete range of INSIZE Measuring Equipment products. Every INSIZE product comes with a 12-month professional warranty which is honored directly through our store for accurate and hassle-free measuring for the professional and novice alike.

Specifications :

  • Digital caliper, range 0-150mm/0-6", resolution 0.01mm/0.0005" (code 1108-150).
  • Outside micrometer, range 0-25mm, graduation 0.01mm (code 3202-25A).
  • Protractor, range 0-180°, graduation 1° (code 4799-180).
  • Pitch gauge, range 0.25-7mm, 24pcs, metric 60° thread (code 4820-124).
  • Radius gauge, range 1-7mm (code 4801-17).
  • Feeler gauge, range 0.05-1.00mm, 20pcs (code 4602-20).
  • Scriber (code 7230).
  • 90° beveled edge square, 100x70mm, grade 0 (code 4790-1000).
  • Steel rule, 150mm/6" (code 7110-150).

Well designed, durable high precision tools that are suitable for various measuring ranges. INSIZE micrometers are the perfect instrument for the measurement of a wide range of components. Easy to use and read face with a deep frame suitable for measurement of the depth of holes, slots and recesses.

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