Product Showcase : Combination Square Set

Product Showcase : Combination Square Set

We've been thinking recently about how successful the measuring sets and micrometer sets have been doing, so we thought it would be a great time to highlight another amazing set that we have on hand from INSIZE. It is the Combination Square Set (2278-180).

The set itself is one of our smaller options, only have 4 included pieces with the optional accessory of a rigid rule (INSIZE 7113), but still allows for accurate measuring of angles and lengths.

The primary role of the Combination Square is to ensure the integrity of 90° angles, measure 45° angles, finding the center of of a circular object and simple distance measurements.

  • Center head: locate center of cylinder with diameter (d): 1.181" DIA-3.937" DIA, Accuracy:±.006". 
  • Protractor head: To set the blade at desired angle to an edge of a workpiece, and can be used to measure angles, Range: 0-180°, Accuracy: ±7min. 
  • Square head: To set the blade at 90° or 45° to an edge of a workpiece. Accuracy: ±8min for 90, ±10min for 45 degree.
  • Blade: Range: 300mm/12", Graduation 0.5mm and 1/32" on front face, 1mm and 1/64" on back face
  • Optional accessory: Rigid rule (code 7113) 


This Combination Square Set contains four main items: the center head, protractor head, square head and the blade.

The Center Head is used to locate the center of cylinders and can only measure diameters between 30-100mm. The next part is the Protractor Head is used for measuring angles between 0-180° and allows the user to transfer angles between objects. The Square Head allows for measuring and marking 90° angles as well if checking if surfaces are flat and square to each other. Additionally, the Square Head contains a level for assisted measuring. Finally, the Blade acts similarly to a ruler and has a maximum range of 300mm/12".

INSIZE Combination Squares

You can find the Combination Square Set here.