Product Showcase : Metric O-Ring Set

Product Showcase : Metric O-Ring Set | 279pc

The Metric O-Ring set (279pc) is one of our most popular products and in this weeks Product Showcase we'll be looking into what makes it so special. 

Firstly, lets see what an O-Ring actually is before we discuss why having so many is fantastic (and trust us, it is). We bet that you've seen countless O-Rings in your lifetime and that is because they have so many uses. From pumps, cylinders and valves to space shuttles, O-Rings are part of our daily life.

The O-Rings supplied in our set are made of rubber and are intended for use within plumbing to assist in generating airtight seals. Like all O-Rings, they have the ability to return to their original shape when the cross section has pressured place upon it. This makes it an economical method of making a seal.

You might be wondering how O-Rings are used exactly and we've got you covered. They work similar to any other gasket, with the O-Ring sitting in a specialised grove where it becomes compressed between two parts, creating an airtight seal. Even after the parts are removed, the O-Ring returns to its normal shape allowing it to be used again. There is always an inherent degree of degradation with parts and eventually the O-Ring will need to be replaced if it is the process is repeated too many times.

Here is a list of every O-Ring include and its size (The first number is the Inside Diameter and the second number is the Cross Section).


  • 3 x 1.5 - 20pc
  • 4.4 x 2 - 20pc
  • 5 x 2 - 18pc
  • 7 x 1.5 - 23pc
  • 13 x 1.5 - 23pc
  • 10 x 1.5 - 23pc
  • 19 x 2.5 - 13pc
  • 21 x 2.5 - 14pc
  • 22 x 2.5 - 13pc
  • 18 x 3.5 - 10pc
  • 20 x 3.5 - 10pc
  • 22 x 3.5 - 10pc
  • 10 x 2.5 - 14pc
  • 11 x 2.5 - 13pc
  • 13 x 2.5 - 14pc
  • 14 x 2.5 - 13pc
  • 16 x 2.5 - 14pc
  • 18 x 2.5 - 14pc

    Now seeing as our O-Ring set is designed for plumbing, it is important to to know that there is an O-Ring in most plumbing appliances. This means that many leaks or dripping from connections or taps can be caused by a worn O-Ring. Thankfully, our set contains several different sizes so you hopefully won't have to worry about purchasing the wrong size accidentally.


    We have a wide range of kits to choose from both In-Store and Online and you can find our Metric O-Ring set here.