Product Showcase: Digital Level & Protractor 0-360°

Product Showcase : Digital Level and Protractor 0-360°

We think that one of the most difficult things to do when you're completing a project or working on your next DIY installation, is trying to determine if an object is level...without a level.

You'd be surprised the number of people who forget to use a level when they're building and end up wondering why something looks strangely uneven.

That is why on this week's Product Showcase, we'll be looking at the Digital Level and Protractor from INSIZE (Code 2173-360).

Now, INSIZE has taken something quite basic (A level) and turned into something genius. We've tried some basic levels that use oil or alcohol and found them easier enough, but when we want something that is extremely accurate, we need something that uses numbers. Thankfully, the INSIZE Digital Level and Protractor does (because it is Digital).

Doesn't a Level make life so much easier?

With a Digital Level, the main difference is that you need to wait for the reader to reach 0.0 Degrees before it is level, giving you a far more accurate reading then traditional spirit levels. The INSIZE 2173-360 also comes with the capabilities to read angles as well, making it a handle Protractor as the name implies.


  • Aluminium frame.
  • Magnetic bottom with V-groove for shafts.
  • Zero setting can be made on any plain surfaces.
  • Buttons: ON/OFF, ZERO, HOLD


As you can see from the Features above, the level has a sturdy Aluminium frame and a magnetic bottom so you can keep it stable on metal objects when you're measuring angles. The handy Hold button allows you to keep a reading on the screen for longer, giving you time to note it down before it disappears.

It may be a simple product, but Levels and Protractors are pretty important for making a job complete and accurate, so don't miss this opportunity purchase one of these fantastic products.

You can find the Digital Level and Protractor here.