Product Showcase: Cylindrical Anvil Tube Micrometer 0-1"

Product Showcase : Cylindrical Anvil Tube Micrometer 0-1"

On this weeks product showcase we'll be looking at another type of Micrometer, the Cylindrical Anvil Tube (Product Code 3261-1D).

Provided by the experts at INSIZE, Cylindrical Anvil Tube Micrometers are a definite must have for any toolbox.

As you may have noticed, the cylindrical anvil actually runs perpendicular to the spindle as these Micrometers are designed for measuring the thickness of tubes or other parts with cylindrical walls. It may not be too obvious, but this particular tool can only be used on hollow objects. So unfortunately you'll need to use regular Micrometer if you wish to measure the thickness of spaghetti (It's a common issue, trust us).

Similar to other Micrometers provided by INSIZE, this also comes with a Ratchet Stop for ensuring the user can make more precise measurements. Additionally, the spindle is made with carbide giving it a higher level of resistance and protection against wear.


  • Graduation of 0.0001"
  • Carbide spindle tip
  • Ratchet stop
  • Supplied with setting standards (except 0-1")



Storage case for INSIZE 3261-1D

You can find the Cylindrical Anvil Tube Micrometer here.