Product Showcase: Somta Stub Drills

Product Showcase : Somta Stub Drills

On this weeks product showcase we are going to take a step away from INSIZE and have a look at another popular brand that we sell, Somta. 

For those who don't know, Somta is a leading provider of World Class Cutting Tools and we sell many of them here on our website. You can find Extra Length Drills, Stub Drills, Jobber Drills and more.

Today however, we are going to be looking at their Stub Drills, which come in a wide variety of in different measurements and use either Solid Carbide or HSS-Co5 as they main material. 

Firstly, the Solid Carbide variants of these Stub Drills use a sub-micron grade carbide, with a grain size of less than 1 micrometre. What this means is that you are getting the highest hardness and compressive strength, combined with high wear resistance and reliability. You've also got access to higher cutting speeds with Solid Carbide, which allows you to reduce production times. Add to this a longer working life due to the high resistance and you've got yourself a quality drill bit.

On the other hand you have the High Speed Steel (HSS) variants which come with 5% cobalt in them. Generally these are less expensive than carbide tools but can hold a much sharper edge than carbide tools. The additional cobalt in these drills helps strengthen them allowing them to drill into harder surfaces like stainless steel and other sturdy materials.


  • DIN 1897
  • HSS Co5
  • Bright Finish
  • H8 Tolerance on cutting diameter
  • 40° Right Hand helix
  • 130° Drill Point Angle
  • < 1.5mm Standard Point
  • ≥ 1.5 Split point 
  • mm / inch / wire / letter

 10mm HSS-Co5 Stub Drill Features


  • DIN 6537K
  • Solid Carbide
  • Uncoated
  • H8 Tolerance on cutting diameter
  • 30° Right Hand helix
  • 118° Drill point angle 
  • Carbide Split Point
  • mm

10.5mm Solid Carbide Stub Drill Features

Another big difference between the two variants is the Drill Point Angle, with the HSS-Co5 using a 130° Drill Point Angle and the Solid Carbide using a 118° Drill Point Angle. The small 12° difference means that Solid Carbide will have a longer cutting edge and therefore have a higher cutting performance.

You can find our Somta Stub Drills here.