Product Showcase: Welding Gauge 0-25mm/1"

Product Showcase: Welding Gauge 0-25mm/1"

Well, it is another chilly morning in Toowoomba and we've managed to secure an INSIZE Welding Gauge (Product Code 4835-1), which just happens to be this weeks Product Showcase (We know, how crazy!)

This particular gauge is quite similar to a Bridge Cam Gauge, which you might be familiar with.

The INSIZE 4835-1 allows you to take measurements of Crown Height, Fillet Weld Leg Height, Misalignment, Undercut Depth, Fillet Weld Throat Size, Angle of Preparation, Length and 45° Angle.

It uses both Inches and Millimetres for its measurements with accuracy between 0.5mm and 1". As a smaller Welding Gauge, the range of its measurements is only between 0-60mm or 0-2".

Of course, like most INSIZE products, this Welding Gauge is made from Stainless Steel so you know you've got sturdy product in your hands. The material allows for rust resistance and ensures a long product lifetime.

Welding Gauge Features:

  • Crown Height Accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Fillet Weld Leg Height Accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Misalignment (High-low) Accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Undercut Depth Accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Fillet Weld Throat Size Accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Angle of Preparation Accuracy: ±1"
  • Length Accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • 45° Angle Accuracy: ±1"
  • Adjustable scale to compensate pointer wear
  • Made of stainless steel


You can find the INSIZE Welding Gauge here.