Product Showcase : Thread Plug Gauge

Product Showcase : Thread Plug Gauges

Today, we will be going back to INSIZE to look at a product that we have recently indexed on our website, the Thread Plug Gauge. These are used in the inspection of internal threads.

Thread Plug Gauges are used for measuring or verifying thread size and pitch, allowing users to quickly inspect if a thread is within the accepted tolerance. The products on our website come in Metric, Metric Fine and Imperial, with a wide selection of sizes and Tolerance standards in each category.

INSIZE 4130-18

Using a Taperlock design, the most common, each thread plug gauge consists of a 'Go' side that should fit without restriction and a 'No-Go' side that should not be accepted. The 'Go' side is also normally longer than the No-Go side, to ensure it fits in properly.

Additionally, for each version, Metric, Metric Fine and Imperial, each thread plug gauge can be of a tolerance 'class' that determines the tolerance or allowance of the internal threads. 

Metric and Metric Fine Thread Plug Gauges, have three tolerance classifications, "6H", "6G" or "4H", 6H is the recommended tolerance for normal lengths and general purpose threads. The letter, 'H' in this case, refers to the allowance, and a 'H' means that there is no allowance. The Letter 'G' means there is a small allowance. Furthermore, a capital letter references the fact that these products are Internal threads.

  • Class 6H - No Allowance
  • Supplied with Go and No-Go gauges together
  • Meet ISO1502
  • Supplied with manufacturer inspection certificate.

INSIZE 4130-18 Features 

Classed under ISO for the international standard (Metric and Metric Fine) and ANSI for the American standard (Imperial), Thread Plug Gauges are an essential tool for tolerance measurement of internal threads.

You can find our Thread Plug Gauges here.