Product Showcase: Carbide Burrs

Product Showcase : Carbide Burrs

On this weeks Product Showcase we will be looking at the Carbide Burrs by Best Carbide/Ceratizit. These products, also known as die grinder bits, are using for shaping, cutting and grinding. They can also assist in the remove of sharp edges and excess material.

The Carbide Burrs from Best Carbide come in Regular and Long Shank versions and are also broken down into several cutting shapes. Below you can see the Cylinder Shape with Radius Cut (SC Series), the Cylinder Shape (SA Series) and the Cylinder shape with End Cut (SB Series).

Carbide Burrs Series Examples, left to right: SC, SA & SB

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Coming in both Metric and Imperial measurements, these Carbide Burrs make removing hard materials such as stainless steel and metals far easier. Additionally, they also come two different types of cut.

Aluminium Cut:

  • The Aluminium Cut Carbide Burrs use a single cut style as they are designed for cutting Aluminium and softer materials.

Double Cut:

  • The Double Cut Carbide Burrs use a left and right hand cut allowing for a faster finish and are commonly used for stainless steel and steel.


  • Material: Solid carbide
  • Cutting Diameter: 1"
  • Shank Diameter: 1/4"
  • O.A.L.: 2-31/32"
  • L.O.C.: 15/16"

1" SJ9 Carbide Burr Features

Carbide Burrs are used in many different industries and you can also find them in dentistry, jewellery making, sculping and much more.

If you're looking for the perfect item to start your Carbide Burr journey, you can find our selection on our website.

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