Product Showcase : Somta Jobber Drills

Product Showcase : Somta Jobber Drills

On a previous week's Product Showcase we looked at the Somta Stub Drills which are fantastic for high production drilling. On today's Product Showcase, we'll be looking at another drill from Somta, the Jobber Drill. This particular item is perfect for precision drilling and high production drilling, it only depends on the style of Jobber drill you purchase.

Jobber drills are the most common drill type and are noted for having a length that is between 9-14 times the diameter. The name refers to the drills ability to be a general-purpose or multipurpose tool.

The Jobber drills from Somta come in three varieties: the HSS, HSS-Co5 and Solid Carbide. You can purchase the HSS and HSS-Co5 in both 'mm' and 'inch' versions, while the Solid Carbide only comes in the 'mm' version on our store.

You'll also notice when perusing the available HSS/Co-5 Jobber drills, that they come in a Blue Finish and Gold Finish. These finishes relate to the drills coating and both finishes provide extra resistance against heat damage and friction. For the Gold Finish drills, the drill is covered in Titanium Nitride (TiN) which is the most common entry-level coating around. 

The Blue Finish is Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN). It provides both additional hardness and more resistance over other coatings, making it superb for drilling into harder materials.


  • ≥ 3mm Split Point
  • DIN 338
  • Standard Point
  • Type N
  • HSS
  • Blue Finish
  • 118° Drill Point Angle
  • H8 Tolerance on cutting diameter
  • 30° Right Hand helix
  • mm / inch

Blue Finish HSS Jobber Drill 

The Solid Carbide Jobber drills are tailored towards high production drilling due to their extreme hardness as a result of using sub-micron grade carbide. This means the product has the highest hardness and compressive strength, combined with high wear resistance and reliability. It is more common to find these Solid Carbide drills in a quality tool holder or equipment.

You can find our Jobber Drills here.